Potpourri: Increased Productivity And Competitiveness Of Plantation Commodities

Berita Perkebunan Prosiding

ICECRD NEWS – Indonesia is very rich in flora resources, this has been felt since the colonizers entered Indonesia several centuries ago. Apart from spices, plantation commodities that have been targeted for a long time include tea, coffee, sugar cane, rubber, rosella, tobacco, oil palm etc. Although some are not native to Indonesia, the Dutch government has succeeded in developing them and becoming the coffers of filling the glory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This tradition is actually still continuing until now, plantation plant products generate not a small amount of foreign exchange. Plantation crops will be profitable when the wages paid for labor are very low. Therefore, the Dutch government implemented a forced cultivation system, thus providing a very large profit. However, before independence it was felt that it was necessary to have a corporate plantation business. This did not last long because of the takeover of this Dutch corporation to the Indonesian government.

Even this form of corporation did not last long, smallholder plantations expanded so that the area exceeded the target. Despite the low productivity of plantation crops, it has proven to be able to survive the 1998 recession. In the last ten years, the area of ​​several plantation crops has decreased, so has their productivity. This is due to the increasing number of damaged plants every year, because planters are lazy to carry out maintenance and pests and diseases attack. There have been many attempts by smallholders to increase their productivity or increase their competitiveness, but there does not seem to be a significant increase. The efforts of research institutions have also carried out various studies and have been submitted as policy suggestions or recommendations

In this Bunga Rampai book, several studies of plantation commodities such as sugar cane, cocoa, plants producing biofuel raw materials, etc. will be presented. Hopefully what is produced can provide useful information for readers. Thank you.  (Anjas)

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