Liberica Coffee Cultivation “Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Farming” On Peat Soil

Artikel Kopi Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Peat soil is one of the land options for future agricultural development that is difficult to avoid in Indonesia. In addition to its wide availability (10 million ha), peatlands if managed properly can become productive agricultural land. Liberika coffee, the third type of commercial coffee after Arabica and Robusta can be cultivated on peat soil and its development is recommended because it has proven to be not only economically profitable, it is also a sustainable farming and maintains the sustainability of peat soils as world carbon stores in Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency, Jambi Province and Kepulauan Regency. Meranti, Riau Province. (Anjas)

Read more: Download full text: plantation_WartaVol26No2-2020.pdf

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