Biochar Activated Charcoal Has The Potential To Improve The Soil With Environmental Insight

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Plantation News – Most agricultural land has been degraded. The decline in fertility is due to the ingestion of nutrients that block the harvest, wash, and drift along with erosion. Many soil improvement materials can be used to improve the degraded land, among others, manure, compost, zeolite, and so on. However, there are disadvantages that are short-term and not environmentally friendly.

The effect of manure and compost is only about 3-4 months and then it disappears, and from its decomposition it releases CO2 gas which results in greenhouse gases (GHG), while zeolite is a mineral that destroys the soil surface and is not available in many areas. Biochar is a soil enhancer that is more durable and environmentally friendly because it can absorb CO2. Biochar comes from agricultural waste that is widely available in agricultural areas and can be produced by farmers in their agricultural locations. It can also be mass-produced and can be an additional source of income for farmers. (ANJAS)

For details, download full text: plantation_WartaVol27No2-2021.pdf

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