Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

Several botanical pesticides produced by Balittro, are ready to be assessed : i.e. CEES, Cekam and Bio-Protector 1. Those formulas are packaged in the form of solution and the active ingredients came from medicinal and aromatic plants. At laboratory scale, those pesticides could play a role as fungicide, bactericide, insecticide and moluscicide.

Two products of bio pesticide with the form of powder had been launched with the name of Metharrin 1 and Beauverin 1. These products could control H. antonii, Lophobaris piperis, Spodoptera litura and Oryctes rhinoceros, pests of estate crops. It is recommended to spray in the morning or in late afternoon. The combination of these biopesticides could press the usage of sintetic pesticides.

The other botanical pesticide is clove. This plant contains essential oil with a high price. The oil is obtained by extraction process or distillation of clove flower or leaf, part, the eugenol can be achieved as much as 80%. From laboratory research it revealed to be able to control root knot nematode (M. incognita). The formulation is saluted in water with concentration of 100 ml/l water. After stirring homogenously, the solution is poured to the attacked root or to be sprayed. The superiority of this pesticide is safe and environmentally friendly.



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