Technical Guidance Coffee Entitled “Upstream Downstream Coffee Commodities”

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

PUSLITBANGBUN ACTIVITIES – Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) as one of the technical implementation units (UPT) in the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development that produces technology in coffee commodity plantations, dissemination is one of the main tasks that cannot be separated from the role of IIBCRI. In order to carry out these tasks, IIBCRI again carried out Technical Guidance Coffee.

The Technical Guidance activity titled “Upstream Downstream Coffee Commodities” was carried out online using the zoom meeting and youtube facilities to reduce the spread of viruses during this pandemic. This activity is a series of events held 3 times with different topics. Tuesday, June 16, 2020 was the first Technical Guidance activity with the topic of introducing coffee varieties and coffee cultivation by presenting 2 IIBCRI researchers as Dr. Budi Martono and Ir. Handi Supriadi. The two speakers are researchers who have experience in releasing coffee varieties and conducting research in the field of coffee cultivation.

The event which was opened by the Head of IIBCRI Dr. This Tri Joko Santoso lasts for 3 hours which is effective. Beginning with the presentation from the speakers then followed by a discussion session. At least 232 participants who took part in this activity expressed satisfaction in IIBCRI first online Technical Guidance. The discussion took place warmly by answering questions from participants submitted to the zoom meeting and Yotube applications. IIBCRI is grateful that today’s activities can run smoothly, there are still 2 more Technical Guidance that will be held according to the schedule on June 23, 2020 with the topic of Coffee Pests and Diseases and its control techniques and on June 30, 2020 with the topic of Postharvest Coffee.

Activities that are directly commanded by Dr. Nur Kholilatul Izzah as Kasieyantek Jaslit IIBCRI noted that at least 2000 participants had registered to take part in this online Technical Guidance. However, some technical obstacles faced made some participants unable to participate online. But they can still access their activities offline through YouTube and Facebook channels. IIBCRI hopes that all participants who have registered can take part in the activity on the second day of next week. So that it can satisfy the curiosity and great interest of the participants who come from various circles. Continuing to work and continue to have an impact on the development of coffee commodities in Indonesia is a priority of the Indonesian Parliament which must be pursued to realize a better future for Indonesia.

Source: Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute

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