Technical Guidance “Introduction To Varieties And Techniques For Grafting Nutmeg Plants

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ICECRD ACTIVITY – Bogor, July 15, 2021. The Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) held a Virtual Technical Guidance with the theme “Introduction to Varieties and Techniques for Grafting Nutmeg Plants”. The participant selection system carried out by ISMCRI is through online registration via zoommeeting and youtube with a total of 688 participants from various professions, and from various domiciles throughout Indonesia. Each participant gets free materials and certificate facilities.

This Technical Guidance activity was opened by the Head of the ISMCRI, Dr. Ir. Evi Savitri Iriani, MSi and accompanied by resource persons. The materials presented in this Technical Guidance include 1) Materials on Nutmeg Seeds and Varieties with Ir. Sri Wahyuni; 2) Material of Nutmeg Propagation and Cultivation Techniques and Practice of Nutmeg Grafting Method with Ir. Agus Ruhnayat.

Dr. Evi Savitri Iriani, MSi in her speech said that the pandemic era has changed the way we communicate. Likewise, ISMCRI’s method of effective dissemination is to introduce and disseminate superior technology information on the results of research on spices and medicinal plants. This technical guidance activity with the theme “Introduction to Nutmeg Varieties and Technical Grafting” is the first virtual technical guidance conducted by the ISMCRI in 2021. This Balittro virtual technical guidance activity will be held once a week, with different material titles. , “said Dr. Evi Savitri Iriani.

In his presentation of the material, Ir. Sri Wahyuni ​​said that there were 9 varieties that had been released by the ISMCRI including the Ternate 1, Tobelo 1, Tidore 1, Banda, Makian, Nurpakuan agribun, Tiangau agribun, Patani, Fakfak (M. Argentea) varieties. The ideal type of nutmeg is High production, vigor crop; medium fruit size, taste of the flesh is not bitter; large seed size, heavy and pithy, thick mace; High content of essential oil of seeds and mace; Nice soft aroma (not bad), an indication of good chemical components, said Ir. Sri Wahyuni.

Vegetative propagation of nutmeg through shoot grafting (epicotyl grafting and soft grafting) has prospects for development because the success rate is relatively high (≥ 80%). From the observations of the Nutmeg Grafting Technique, the following results: 1) Production/ph: 3 years = 200 pcs, 5 years = 500 pcs, 8 years = 1000 pcs (estimated), 10 years = 1500 pcs, 15 years = 2000 pcs; 2) Strong growth with compact canopy; 3) Height 3.3 m, canopy width 175 m (age 5 years); 4) Fruit rot attack is very low; 5) Fruit fall is absent; 6) The average fruit weight is 75 g, dry seeds 9 g, dried mace per fruit 1.33 g, “said Ir. Agus Ruhnayat in his presentation.

Through this technical guidance activity, direct communication occurs between producers/sources of innovation and technology users. The technology of research on spices and medicinal plants has been widely produced. However, although many research results have been obtained, in fact, not a few spice and medicinal plants farming that currently exists has not provided optimal results for the perpetrators. One of the reasons is that the application of technology research results at the user level is still low due to the lack of smooth communication between technology producers and users. To expedite and accelerate the flow of information from producers to users of technology, technology producers must pay attention to the target group to be achieved, the form and content of the message to be conveyed and the method of dissemination to be used. The target group to be achieved is not only agribusiness actors in the upstream sector but also agribusiness actors in the downstream sector and policy makers at the regional and central levels. In addition to conveying information indirectly, which is usually only unidirectional, direct communication with users and policy makers is also required so that two-way communication occurs. One way that can be done is through technical guidance activities.

From this technical guidance activity, it is hoped that information to users can absorb research technology more quickly and be able to revive the agricultural sector, especially nutmeg plants so as to create sustainable agribusiness and can provide benefits for the development of nutmeg crops in Indonesia. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRI)

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