Bappenas Evaluates TTP Cahaya Negeri, IIBCRI

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The National Development Planning Agency (BAPENAS) conducted an activity “Evaluating the implementation of technology transfer through the construction of agricultural techno parks” at the Cahaya Negeri Agricultural Technology Park (TTP), North Lampung on Thursday, November 19, 2020. The purpose of this activity was to evaluate sustainability TSP/TTP program which has been implemented by the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD).

The 8 Monev team, led by Mrs. Tejaningsih, SE, MA, M.Ec.Dev from Bapenas, was received by Dr. Ir. Samsudin, M.Si. as the person in charge of the State Light TTP program and Herman as the Head of the State Light KP. This activity begins with an introduction and explanation of the purpose of their arrival to TTP Cahaya Negeri by team member, Endro Gunawan, SP, ME., a researcher from the Center for Social Economics and Agricultural Policy (PSEKP). Next Dr. Ir. Samsudin, M.Si. explained various matters related to the activities of the Cahaya Negeri TTP which began in 2018 until the end of April 2020.

The National Development Planning Agency’s Monev Team assessed that the Cahaya Negeri TTP activity should be included in the Agricultural Science Park (TSP) program because the basic concept and expected output did not match the TTP format. The TTP activities seen by the Team are the construction of mother gardens/entres for pepper, hybrid cocoa, BL-50 cocoa and robusta coffee; pepper and robusta coffee seeds; supply of coffee postharvest processing tools and machines; and construction/renovation of buildings and other supporting infrastructure.

At the end of the visit the Monev Team expressed positive appreciation for the performance of TTP/TSP Cahaya Negeri which has designed its activities to focus on Robusta coffee, pepper, cocoa and rubber commodities which are mainstay commodities in North Lampung Regency in particular and Lampung Province in general. They will even propose to replace the TTP/TSP program with a commodity-specific technology dissemination program, as was done at TTP Cahaya Negeri. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Industrial and Refreshing Crops (IIBCRI)

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