ISMCRI Promotes Utilization Of Family Medicine Garden

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) as the UPT of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development, IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture received a visit from the Department of Food Security, Agriculture and Fisheries of the South Tangerang City Government . This visit was received by Dr. Nur Maslahah, Msi, as Sub Coordinator of Research Services for ISMCRI and the team (24/5/21).

The visit was carried out in the context of monitoring the use of agricultural facilities, assisting activities in the use of agricultural support facilities, and especially the use of family medicinal plants. Such was the speech from Putri Inayatullah as Head of the Post-Harvest Section of the Food Security, Agriculture and Fisheries Service of the South Tangerang City Government.

During this visit, apart from interactive discussions, a field trip to the Medicinal Plant Science Tourism Park was also conducted, and the ISMCRI Medicinal Plant Collection was introduced.

It is hoped that with this visit there will be more cooperation with the Food Security, Agriculture and Fisheries Department of the South Tangerang City Government, as well as cooperation in technical assistance and guidance on the introduction and processing of medicinal plants.

Source: Center for Medicinal Plants and Spices (ISMCRI)

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