ISMCRI Holds Technical Guidance Improving Capability Of Handling Pepper OPT

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) held a Technical Guidance (TG) for Improving Pepper OPT Handling Capability for officials of the Directorate of Plantation Protection, Ditjenbun, Jakarta for 20 people (27–29 May 2021). This Bimtek activity was opened by the Head of ISMCRI Dr. Evi Savitri Iriani and accompanied by Sub Coordinator of Research Services Dra. Nur Maslahah, MSi.

The Head of ISMCRI in his remarks expressed his gratitude for entrusting ISMCRI to be the technical assistant for Improving Pepper OPT Handling Capability for Directorate officers. “Hopefully the lessons and discussions learned at ISMCRI can improve the quality of the Directorate’s officers, bring benefits, and hope that Indonesian spice plants will continue to grow and progress,” he said.

Romauli Siagian, MSc. as the head of the group of participants for technical guidance said that this activity was to improve the knowledge and skills of the officers of the Directorate General of Plantations, especially the Directorate of Plantation Protection related to the cultivation and handling of pests. “It is hoped that the materials provided by the resource persons can be absorbed and become a provision of knowledge for Directorate officers to be distributed to farmers later in the field,” he said.

The materials presented at this TG include 1) Introduction and Control of Root Rot Disease and Other Important Pepper Diseases with Dr. Dyah Manohara; 2) Introduction and Control of Yellow Pepper Disease with Dr. Retno Djiwanti; 3) Introduction and Control of the Main Insect Pests of Pepper with the resource person Ir. Tri L. Mardiningsih, MSc; 4) Pests, Diseases and Post-Harvest Pepper with Prof. Ir. Loekas Soesanto, MS, Ph.D from Sudirman University, Purwokerto; 5) Field visit with resource person Dr. Molide Rizal

This technical guidance activity was carried out in addition to material presentation and interactive discussions by resource persons, field visits were also carried out to the Sukamulya Experimental Garden, the Seed Source Management Unit (UPBS) and the Scientific Tourism Garden of Medicinal Plants and ended with the submission of certificates. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRI)

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