ISMCRI Harvests The Germplasm Collection Of Turmeric And Great White Ginger From Saparua

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OCECRD NEWS – In 2017 the Breeding Researcher of the Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI), through exploration and collection of medicinal plants, obtained additional collections of large white ginger and turmeric from Saparua Ambon. In the first and second years, domestication/introduction was carried out in the ISMCRI greenhouse, IAARD Ministry of Agriculture.

Harvesting is done by forking the soil around the plant area. The purpose of forking is to minimize injury to the rhizome of the harvested plant. Furthermore, the rhizomes are cleaned of soil that is still attached with running water. Washing the rhizome is done carefully so that there are no broken parts. The next stage is drying the rhizomes using sunlight to remove residual water during cleaning the rhizomes so as to facilitate observation activities.

The variables observed consisted of length, width, height, and wet weight of the rhizome. Ginger Saparua has an average rhizome length of 16.29 cm, rhizome width of 4.36 cm, rhizome thickness of 24.99 mm, and a wet weight of 103.89 grams with white-brown rhizome flesh. Saparua turmeric has an average rhizome length of 27.88 cm, a rhizome width of 13 cm, and a wet weight of 937.50 grams.

The yield of the rhizome has not been obtained optimally from the collection. Therefore, in the future, cultivation will be carried out which refers to the applicable SOP. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRI)

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