ISCRI Launches Android-Based Cane And Tobacco Pest Management Application

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PUSLITBANGBUN ACTIVITIES – The lack of knowledge of pest types is a constraint in developing plants. This was handled by the Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISCRI) as one of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) by developing android applications for the identification and handling of sugarcane and tobacco plant pests.

The application, named Simaster (Information System for Plantation Plant Pest Problems) was introduced through a webinar on Tuesday (9/6/2020) which was launched to facilitate the identification of types of pests and solutions to control these pests.
Head of ISRI, Dr. Titik Sundari, MP revealed that the target of Simaster users is not only farmers, but also field officers and students.

“Simaster was introduced to provide ease of access, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Even though they are quite far away, they can still be used, “he said.

Simaster works based on a pest database. Each pest has its own identification, it is in accordance with the type and under what conditions the pest is developing. Then adapted to the type of location where the pest lives.

Heri Prabowo Ssi. M.Sc, one of Simaster’s application developers who is also a pest researcher at ISCRI revealed that the prediction of types of pests is also determined by weather conditions.

Together with two other researchers who developed this application, Nur Asbani, Ph.D. and Sri Adikadarsih, SP., M.Sc. Heri stated that pest prediction can also be determined by air temperature.

“Identifying the types of pests in Simaster is already connected to the application on the google map. So there are predictions related to weather and pest attacks that are suitable at the location temperature, “he said.

Identification is indeed carried out in accordance with cases that occur in plants. In addition to data, detailed identification is also done by uploading images of plants that are attacked by pests through the Simaster application.

Simaster feature also allows two-way communication, for service hours every weekday at 7.30-16.00 WIB. “For the two-way communication service procedure is at 7.30-16.00 WIB, but outside that hour we will try to answer,” he said.

The application itself is dynamic, the more active the user uses the Simaster application, the more the application itself gets references related to the type of pest. “This application is dynamic, references also come from users who use this application,” he continued.

ISRI itself is indeed quite intense in trying to find solutions, especially in the field of sweetener and fiber plants. In 2015, they published a book containing guidance on the types of pests and their handling. Simaster is a modern development of a previously published book.

Source: Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute

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