ISFCRI Initiation Of Kenaf Crop Commodity Cooperation With KVGSB Malaysia

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Head of Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISFCRI) Dr. Andy Wijanarko SP., M.Si accompanied by the Person in Charge of the Fiber Crop Program, Prof. Ir. Nurindah Ph.D. along with the fiber plant research team, held a discussion on the initiation of the ISFCRI, IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture collaboration with Kenaf Venture Global Sdn Bhd (KVGSB) represented by Malindo Adi Nugroho and Muhammad Munzir (R & D Executive KVGSB) online on Thursday 7 October 2021.

KVGSB is a company from Malaysia which is engaged in the kenaf industry, which aims to make kenaf a Malaysian export commodity. Muhammad Munzir conveyed that the purpose of holding this discussion with ISFCRI was to explore the possibility of cooperation with ISFCRI – IAARD with KVGSB regarding the supply of Kenaf seeds of the ISFCRI variety to be planted in Malaysia. KVGSB plans to plant 1,000 ha of kenaf and will expand it to 10,000 ha.

KVGSB considers this cooperation in providing seeds necessary because in Malaysia there is no superior seed available as in Indonesia and the climatic conditions in Malaysia are almost the same as Indonesia.

Dr. Andy Wijanarko SP., M.Si, said that ISFCRI has varieties of kenaf and its supporting technology with wide adaptability. Prof. Nurindah conveyed the advantages of each kenaf variety that had been released.
From the results of this discussion, there are opportunities for research and development collaboration with the topic of using Indonesian superior varieties for the kenaf industry in Malaysia. The discussion of the planned Cooperation Agreement and Cooperation Contract will be followed up by the Sub-Coordinator of Research Services for ISFCRI and Mr. Malindo Adi Nugroho as representatives of KVGSB. The discussion of this cooperation will be consulted with the IAARD Cooperation Sub-Coordinator.(anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (Balittas)

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