IPCRI Ready To Support Coconut Based Agro Tourism Plans In Minut

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

PUSLITBANGBUN ACTIVITY – Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute, Balitbangtan Ministry of Agriculture as one of the Technical Implementing Unit (UPT) of the Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute received a visit from the North Minahasa Agriculture Office Ir. Wangke S. Karundeng, MAP along with a group and also Coconut Farmers from South Minahasa. Head of IPCRI, Dr. Ir. Ismail Maskromo, M.Si who was accompanied by structural officials received him at the Agricultural Science Park (TSP) Building of the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (6/17/20).

The visit of the Head of North Minahasa Agriculture Office and his entourage to IPCRI aims to make preparations that will support future plans from the Regent of North Minahasa Regency which will make Minut the host of coconut-based Agro Tourism.

The Head of IPCRI responded that IPCRI was ready to support the planned coconut-based Agro Tourism activity in Minut. In addition, the Head of the Office also appreciated the efforts of Minut which began to focus on the Coconut Farmers Group and with the cooperation in the form of seedlings from IPCRI is expected to open a gap to increase farmers’ incomes, such as starting to tap coconut palm into sugar and even drink from coconut palm juice.

The Head of the IPCRI welcomes these special guests at the TSP mini theater by expressing their appreciation and thanks for the visit and continued with the video screening of the IPCRI profile as well as the Palm Plant Germplasm show. After the video screening the activity continued with a discussion and presentation of the purpose and objectives of the visit. Head of North Minahasa Service Ir. Wangke S. Karundeng, MAP said that North Sulawesi has become an icon of Nyiur Melambai, but that has been eroded by the times, especially from the end result. In general, the community or coconut farmers make coconuts into copra. The problem is the price of copra is not proportional to the energy expended. The activity continued with a group photo on the Balit Palma office page.

“Long live Indonesian coconuts, rich Indonesian coconut farmers …

Source: Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute

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