Palm: Green Gold With Tantalizing Results

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

PLANTATION NEWS – Online Seminar of Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI) Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture which is held every Wednesday, the 12th series is enlivened by extraordinary resource persons, namely Dr. Willie Smits from the Netherlands (Chairman of the Masarang Foundation, President Commissioner of PT. Gunung Hijau Masarang), Ir. H. Kusumano, MSi (President of the Aren Foundation), and Ir. Elsje T. Tenda, MS (Palm Oil Researcher from Balit Palma).

This event was hosted by Yulianus Matana, SP, MSi (an ecophysiology researcher of Balit Palma) and moderated by Ir. Jeanette Kumaunang, MSc. (IPCRI researcher). The event was opened by the Head of IPCRI Dr.Ir. Ismail Maskromo, MSi., Directly from North Sumatra. In his remarks, Kabalai said that IPCRI had immediately released Kutim from East Kalimantan, Aren Smulen from Bengkuu, Aren Toumuung from Tomohon city, North Sulawesi.

Furthermore, the video screening of Palm Sugar processing in Masarang, North Sulawesi, which was guided by the Head of IPCRI. In his conversation with Dr. Willie Smits, according to him, to conserve the environment / forest from logging, the use of geothermal steam will be much better. The energy used to convert sap into sugar uses residual geothermal steam which is a collaboration between Pertamina Lahendong and palm sugar factories, so that palm farmers can get much higher income.

The first presentation was made by Prof. Julius Pontoh, professor of Chemistry at Sam Ratulangi University, Manado. He explained related to the Masarang foundation in terms of driving organic farming, scholarships for children of sugar palm farmers, wildlife rescue centers, palm farmer welfare, reforestation programs. Besides in Tomohon, sugar palm has been developed in Kalimantan, he said. Sugar plants as long as tapping them still produce sugar from the photosynthesis process, the research results have been published in 2015, he added. Dr. Next, Smits discusses in more detail related to sugar palm plants, photosynthesis and soil fertility.

The second presentation was made by Ir. Elsje T. Tenda, principal researcher in the breeding of IPCRI. In his presentation said that IPCRI had released more than 30 varieties of palm plants, including 4 of which were the result of cooperation with the regional / provincial Plantation Service, namely Aren from East Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, Banten, and Bengkulu. He also conveyed the average Palm Sugar Glycemic Index of 47 (low), so it is good for blood sugar levels.

The third presentation was made by the President of Aren Fundation Ir. H. Dian Kusumanto, MSi., Who delivered the material on the opportunity for sugar palm in the revitalization of the sugar industry in Indonesia. In his presentation, he said that sugarcane in the milling season is only 170 days or 195 days without production, while sugarcane continues to produce. Sugar Factory investment is also very expensive compared to sugar palm. The productivity of sugar palm is 5-10 times that of sugar cane, he said.

In the discussion session, the participants asked many questions through chat rooms and YouTube. Aren, the Green Gold who still has hidden potential is really tantalizing. Hopefully the knowledge gained from this online seminar is useful. Greetings always healthy and Greetings Aren, Prosperity of Indonesian palm farmers.

Source: Indonesian Palm Research Institute (IPCRI)

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