Innovation Award of West Java Province

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

BOGOR, ESTATE CROPS – Center for Estate Crops Research and Development attended the Innovation Award socialization throughout BKPP Region I in West Java, on Thursday dated March 7, 2012 in Bogor.

These activities are rewarding to the community, both individuals and groups who produce innovative products by the Governor of West Java.

For the sake of progress in many areas of West Java Provincial Government needs to reward those who produce innovative products or making extraordinary efforts and tangible benefit to society, thus raising the name of West Java Province both nationally and internationally.

The award expected to make recipients and local community to become proud as well as motivate people to contribute to the development in West Java.

West Java Innovation Award is divided into six areas:

  1. Education, including efforts to increase innovation and an average length of school, literacy and life skills enhancement;
  2. Health, including innovation and efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality, clean and healthy lifestyle behaviors, and improving health status;
  3. Food, including innovation and efforts to increase food self-sufficiency and sustainable food production;
  4. Energy, including innovation and effort savings and increased energy independence;
  5. Art, including Culture and Tourism, which is to develop innovative arts and culture and to build a tourist destination;
  6. Infrastructure and the environment, the efforts of environmentally friendly construction and management of domestic/ industrial waste.
Gift of innovation is given in the form of cash with a total value of Rp  900 million and a certificate. The award was given to 6 people and 6 groups / agencies amounted to Rp 50 million and Rp 100 million.
Any individual or group who enroll as participants in West Java Innovation Award 2012 must meet the following requirements:
  1. Participants have an innovative product, either in the form of goods or ideas along with the proof of their use, or has made tremendous efforts that are useful for solving problems in West Java;
  2. Participants are Indonesia citizens, evidenced by the identity card or other legal documents.
The implementation schedule is as follows:
  1. Socialization programs / activities (off line and online) on the 6th of Feb-20 May 2012;
  2. The deadline for receipt of forms and the completeness of the participants for the Phase I assessment on 21 May 2012;
  3. Phase I assessment and determination of participants who had advanced to stage II on 22 May to 12 June 2012;
  4. Notice to participants who qualify at stage II on December 15 to 29 June 2012;
  5. Assessment and determination of the prospective phase II award recipients (nominee) through exposure and interview on 18-29 June 2012;
  6. Verification to the field on 2-20 July 2012;
  7. Final selection and determination of award recipients on 23-31 July 2012;
  8. Announcement of the award on the anniversary of the Province of West Java on August 27 * (* time adjusted by the committee).


For those who interested to attend this event, more information can be obtained through: website,; email: ; Tel (022-4224852, 4232448, 4233347, 4233347, 4230963 pesawat.454) Fax. 022-4203450. Secretariat, Bureau of Social Development, the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province, Jl. Diponegoro 22 Bandung. Contact person: Dra. Poppy Purbawati.
(Erri / Editor).

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