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Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Manado, 03 November 2020. The Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI) as one of the UPT Centers for Plantation Research and Development, the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture received a visit from a member of Commission IV DPR RI Ir. Mindo Sianipar. Mr. Mindo, the nickname of the senior legislator from PDIP, came with potential investor and processing entrepreneur Nata de Coco. This inaugural arrival aims to see closely the existence of IPCRI, IAARD related to the technological innovations that have been produced to date.

The group was received directly by the Head of IPCRI Dr. Ir. Ismail Maskromo, M.Si. in his office. At the brief meeting, various coconut and palm oil technological innovations that have been produced have been presented. The Head of IPCRI conveyed outstanding results such as new high yielding varieties that bear fruit quickly and slowly grow taller, improvements in coconut cultivation technology and coconut processing technology that can be applied by farmers.

The visit was continued in the field to see superior and exotic coconut plants including Early King coconut, Early Entog Kebumen, Genjah Pandan Wangi and Dalam Bido which began to bear fruit at the age of two years after planting. Next, the group was invited to watch an audiovisual profile of Balit Palma at the Mini Theater TSP Bioindustri IPCRI Mapanget.

In his speech after listening to the Profile of IPCRI “In the past, Now and Later”, Mindo Sianipar said that in the future coconut commodity will be a priority to be developed because it is a plant that involves small farmers directly. In contrast to palm oil, which is developed in the form of a large-scale corporation. He will support the development of plantation crops other than oil palm, especially coconut, sugar palm, sago and areca nut to obtain adequate research funding to encourage the acceleration of obtaining grounded technological innovations.

Related to the development of various processed coconut products that have economic value, Mindo Sianipar encourages IPCRI to get technological innovations that can be applied at the farmer level. It must be answered “How much is the current income of coconut farmers, not how much copra is obtained by farmers,” he said. This is in line with the statement from the Head of Balit Palma that in addition to the main products in the form of copra and oil from coconuts, there are opportunities to obtain derivative products in the form of processing from the main product, by-products from the use of coir, shell and water as well as an alternative product, namely ‘edible coconut’ which is now the world market is in demand and the processing of sap into liquid sugar, crystal sugar and molded sugar. All of them have high resale value and wide market.

Next, the group was taken to the VCO Processing Unit in the TSP Bioindustri Palma Mapanget area. In VCO processing, he saw and listened to an explanation of the dry method of processing VCO on a farmer group scale by Postharvest researcher Adhitya Y. Pradhana, STP, MSi who was accompanied by the Research Services Section Team. VCO itself currently has good added value because during the Covid-19 pandemic it is beneficial for health, much sought after because it can increase the body’s immunity.

The VCO processing process in Balit Palma uses superior coconut variety Dalam Mapanget. The processing starts from the splitting of the coconut, then the coconut water is removed and can be processed into nata de coco, the coconut meat is weighed, grated, roasted and pressed to obtain VCO, the husk is processed into testa oil, the pulp/meal is processed into flour as a cake raw material coconut, shell and coir as fuel for roasting and burning ash as fertilizer, so that it becomes an integrated coconut processing unit that can provide added value for farmers.

After seeing the process, Mr. Mindo supports an integrated coconut processing process that can provide added value for farmers and from the processing unit the smoke can be used as liquid smoke, which if produced liquid smoke grade 1, the economic value is also good. He also supports the development and technological innovation of the Researcher IPCRI which leads to the welfare of coconut farmers. Coconut greetings, “Rich and prosperous Indonesian coconut farmers”. (Anjas)

Source: Palma Research Institute

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