Export Acceleration: IIBCRI Encourages Increased Coffee Productivity Through Technical Guidance Online

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

PLANTATION ACTIVITIES – Tuesday (23/6) Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) again held an Online Technical Guidance (BTO) “Hulu Hilir Hulu Hilir Coffee Commodity” for Session II. Technical Guidance is a continuation of the first session. There are two interesting discussions that were presented at the BTO this time, namely the discussion on the Control of Pests and Diseases of Coffee Plants and Coffee Agribusiness Opportunities. Both delivered directly from the experts. Technical Guidance online is implemented virtually using a zoom application with a capacity of 500 participants. The increasing enthusiasm of participants who reached thousands of registrants, requires that online Technical Guidance be broadcast also through the youtube channel and also other social media such as facebook and twitter. So everyone can watch from all over the West to the east of Indonesia.

Dr. Ir. Samsudin, M.Si as a researcher of pests and plant diseases had the opportunity to begin the delivery of material for Pest Control and Plant Disease. Dr. Ir. Samsudin, M.Si explained that there are some pests that commonly attack coffee plants, including Hypothenemus Hampei or often known as borer pests. White lice, leaf hopper etc. While the disease that usually attacks is leaf rust or Hemileia Vastatrix. This leaf rust is more commonly found in Arabica coffee plants.

Furthermore Abdul Muis Hasibuan, M.Sc. as a researcher in agricultural socio-culture also expressed a theme that is no less interesting, namely, Agribusiness Opportunities in Coffee Plants. As is currently known amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the wheels of the economy must keep turning. The plantation sector is expected to increase the percentage of export value. The man who is completing his doctorate at the University of Adelaide, Australia, said that during the 19th transition to New Normal, there were a lot of activities at home and drinking coffee. This means that coffee consumption will increase even more. ” this is a readable opportunity for all of us’, he continued.

Even though it was carried out online, it did not seem to reduce the enthusiasm of the participants to interact. In the question and answer session also feels very exciting and interesting. Because the participants who took part in the Technical Guidance Online were very diverse. Starting from farmers, agricultural extension workers, academics, coffee entrepreneurs, coffee connoisseurs, and also several government agencies engaged in the agricultural sector. Through the holding of this online technical guidance, it is expected to be able to share knowledge and insights throughout the archipelago for the glory of coffee in Indonesia. Hopefully.

Source: Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute

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