4 Times FWE, Ministry Of Agriculture Commitment To Maintain Accountability And Transparency In Financial Management

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Jakarta – The Ministry of Agriculture again won the Fair Without Exception (FWE) opinion from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). This achievement also noted that four consecutive years the Ministry of Agriculture was considered to have carried out accountable and credible, transparent and transparent budget management according to government accounting standards.

The Head of BPK’s State Financial Audit IV, Isma Yatun said that the FWE opinion was submitted by the BPK based on the Examination Report (LHP) of the Ministry of Agriculture’s 2019 Financial Report and LHP on Financial Management and Accountability Budget Section 999.07 (Fertilizer Subsidy Expenditure) in 2019.

Thank you to the Minister of Agriculture and his staff for their commitment to continue to support transparency and accountability in the management of state finances, “he said while giving a speech during the presentation of BPK RI’s examination results at the Ministry of Agriculture in Auditorium Building F, Ministry of Agriculture office, Tuesday (07/21/20) .

Isma added that the financial audit aims to provide an opinion on the financial statements. Financial audit is not specifically intended to reveal the existence of irregularities (fraud) in financial management.

However, if the examiner finds irregularities, fraud or violations of the provisions of the legislation, especially those that affect the potential and indications of state losses, then this must be revealed in the LHP, “he added.

He also said that in the future the Ministry of Agriculture is demanded to be more creative and must continue to become an advanced and modern ministry by utilizing a comprehensive agriculture war room (AWR) that provides information about food in Indonesia.

We on behalf of the BPK RI leadership would like to thank you for the good communication and constructive synergy between the BPK and the leadership and all levels of the Ministry of Agriculture so that the BPK RI audit process runs well and smoothly, “explained Isma.

Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo, directly received the WTP BPK RI, said the steps and efforts in realizing the Ministry of Agriculture’s Financial Report that is quality, accountable and in accordance with Government Accounting Standards (SAP) and the implementation of Ministry of Agriculture programs is the hard work of all Ministry of Agriculture and BPK RI.

One proof of success is the opinion of the PAPs and I am happy that the Ministry of Agriculture can get a great, prestigious award that builds the dignity of the dignity of the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, “Syahrul said.

According to Syahrul WTP means doing all the work in accordance with the target without forgetting the administration. He said financial management was in line with the performance program.
Targets must be achieved but administration must be completed, “said the Minister of Agriculture.

Minister of Defense Syahrul also asked BPK RI to continue to side with the Ministry of Agriculture in managing financial budgets so that in the future all deficiencies could continue to be improved.

The BPK auditor team as a whole thank you for the advice and input in an effort to improve the preparation of the Ministry of Agriculture’s financial statements. We continue to hope that in the future we will continue to be directed, “said Syahrul.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture

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