Editorship Workshop of Scientific Publications

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

Building Strategy of Scientific Writing, Editing, and Scientific Publication Editorship “is the theme of governance workshop held by ICECRD dated June 13 to 15, 2012 in Bogor. This workshop aims to enhance the ability of researchers in the writing and the editorial in the management of scientific writing. The workshop was opened by the Head of ICECRD Dr.Ir. Muhammad Shakir, MS. accompanied by Dr. Ir. Joko Pitono, M.Sc. as Head of Dissemination and Collaboration Division. The workshop was attended by 90 participants, consisted of researchers, editors and managing editors of scientific publications of IAARD.

In his speech, Mr. Syakir said that the Head of research institution must be based on technology and thinking. Current trend requires technical results that would be transferred to the popular edition to be sent to the Technical Directorate for immediate use in the field. Do not just write a scientific manuscript, but also important to write easy to read by the general public as a form of expression of the results of our efforts in research works. The paper should have a lead to the library to be read by researchers and academics, but there must also empties into the public space / community. It is important to write a scientific paper, but do not forget that writing to newspapers is also important.

Now times have changed from Silence is Golden to the era of technology and information. Let us learn to transform science into other forms of popular science writing as a form of accountability to the public or the people. Scientific literature is necessary to achieve the credit point for promotion in the functional level. In this case the social function of the editorial staff is required. In addition to the scientific literature, the researchers also had to write popular science. For this purpose the Head of dissemination and Collaboration division was instructed to design a popular magazine writing workshops with invited speakers such as: Kompas, Sinar Tani, etc. Popular writing can be seen as effort of diversification writing scientific papers. We have to make as a feature of our ministry that R & D institutions could not be equated with the technical college.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Syakir warned that the Agricultural Minister only has 5 years contract hence it must be shown measurable results. Scientific literature or semi-popular scientific must quickly be executed for the benefit of society.
Hopefully implementation of this workshop would improve participants ability in writing and managing of scientific papers (Web Team)

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