National Seminar on Sweeteners, Fiber, Tobacco and Industry Oil Plants, October 10th, 2012

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MALANG, ESTATE CROPS – Indonesian Crops Research Institute for  Fiber and Sweeteners (Balittas), will hold a National Workshop on Plant Sweeteners, Fiber, Tobacco and Oil Industry on October 10th, 2012 held in Malang, East Java.

Theme of the workshop is ” Technology Innovation to Support Self-Sufficiency Sugar and Productivity Improvement of Fiber plant, Tobacco and Oil Industry”. Aim of the workshop is to discuss the technological innovations in order to construct a research and development strategy, generate strategic recommendations for achieving self sufficiency and improved productivity of fiber plant, tobacco and oil industry, and strengthening networking with relevant institutions.
The topics and speakers are as follows:
1. Research Strategic and Development of Sweeteners Plant, Fiber, Tobacco and Oil Industry to Support Four Success of the ministry of Agriculture (IAARD).
2. Sugarcane Research Programme on Biotechnology (BSES, Australia *).
3. Policy Acceleration Programme of Government to Develop National Sugar Cane  for Achieving Self-sufficiency Sugar on 2014 (Directorate of Seasonal Plant).
4. Research Results and Dissemination of Sugarcane (P3GI *).
5. PTPN X Strategies to Enhance Yield and Productivity of Sugarcane (PTPN X).
6. Gunung Madu Plantation Experience in Development of Sugarcane Varieties (PT Gunung Madu Plantation, Lampung).
7. Partnership Patterns in Development of People’s Sugarcane (PT Kebon Agung).

Meanwhile, topics of other papers are the primary and secondary papers related to sweeteners, fibers, tobacco plants as well as oil industries that will be presented by researchers, lectures, observers and others.

Workshop participants are researchers, local, private, lecturer, instructor, student, farmer associations, and other practitioners in the commodity of natural fibers, as well as various groups engaged in agro-volatile.

For more information please download:

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