The Second IAARD Workshop, 2012

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

Theme of the second IAARD workshop in 2012 was “Revised Program and Budget 2013: Budget Efficiency and Effectiveness Program”. The workshop was held on 28-30 August 2012 at the Main Auditorium Ir. Sadikin Sumintawikarta, Cimanggu Agriculture Campus, Bogor.

Chief Organizer, Dr. Handewi Purwati Saliem, in her report said that the event was participated by about 300 officers consisting of representatives agricultural officers from all provinces in Indonesia. The workshop discussed issues in order to enter the second curve of IAARD, which was divided into 4 (four) groups. First, the substance of the Experimental Garden  Development, Laboratory and Seed Management Unit. Second, the substance of the Modeling system, Diversification and Special Topics. Third, the substance of the MP3MI/SDMC, Integrated Katam, and M-KRPL, and Fourth, the substance of Human Resource Development, Program, Budget, Management, Publications and Library.

Expected output of the Workshop were (a) Review the program and budget for 2013, (b) Refinement action plan until 2014, (c) Mapping strategic activities across Center Research Institute/ Research Institute, and (d ) Mapping infrastructure investment plans of IAARD.

The workshop officially was opened by Dr Haryono, the head of IAARD. In his speech Mr. Haryono said that the IAARD in the last two years greatly increased the role and eagerly awaited by the public. He also delivered good news that the president give serious attention to the researchers by giving higher income.

Moreover, Mr. Haryono said that IAARD nowadays has been on the second growth curve phase from 2005 to 2035. Meanwhile in the Year 2013-2014 is a periode of investment in infrastructure and human resources development. The development of infrastructure and human resources should be directed to support the reorientation of agricultural research and development program. Finally he said that concepts and ideas of conventional dissemination system has been changed in accordance with the development of information technology and media.

The workshop which lasted for three days presented a range of materials included: (1) Referrals and opening by head of IAARD, (2) Framing by head of IAARD, (3) Review Program and Budget for FY  2013, (4) Refocusing program 2013-2014, (5) Sharpening the acceleration and expansion of the M-KRPL, Katam Integrated, Diversified, Modeling Systems for the successful achievement of the four targets of The Ministry of Agriculture, and (6) Preparation of investment plans of IAARD’s infrastructure in order to enter the second curve. (Summarized from various sources)

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