Composite Population IP-2


IP-2 came from selection of  IP-1, launched in 2006,The productivity  of IP -2 can achieve 2 tons/ha in the first year and the prediction will be 6- 7 tons/ha in the fourth year in the optimal condition . IP-2 population can be harvested at the  age of 4 months after planting with the oil content 33-34%. IP-2 planted in Asembagus (IP-2A), Muktihardjo (IP-2M) and Pakuwon Sukabumi (IP-2P).

Seedlings : Two seeds are planted in 5-6 cm depth in polybag with the measurement of 15×20 cm. The medium is a mixture of soil, sand and organic fertilizer with the comparison 1:1:1. Once in 3 days the seedlings have to be watered 1.5-2 months later, the seedlings can be moved to the field, early in rainy season.

Land Preparation : The early stage of plant determines the growth afterwards. Soil tillage will accelerate the growth of seedlings, so the plants grow strongly to face environment limitation. The planting space is 2 m x 2 m and measurement of planting hole is 30x30x30 cm. fertilizer before planting are Urea 20 g/plant (50 kg/ha), SP-36 50 g/plant (125 ton/ha) and KCL 12 g/plant (30 kg/ha). All fertilizers are mixed with top soil homogenously before putting into the base of planting hole.

Planting : Polybags were perforated at the base and then cut until the top. Number of seedlings for one hectare is 2500 plants with planting space 2 m x 2 m.

Pruning : The first pruning is done at the end of first year after the height of plaints achieve 1 m to stimulate the growth of branches, by cutting the stem until height of stem is 30-50 cm above the ground and left 3 branches. At the end of the second year pruning is done by cutting 2/3 part of the 3 branches. Pruning will shape the canopy like umbrella. To get optimal productivity and seed quality, number of branches whould be maintained as many as 45-50 branches per plant.

Fertilizer : If the soil is not fertile, manure or compos has to be added to the soil (2 kg per plant). In the second year and afterwards will be 2,5-5 tons/ha or 1-2 kg per plant, and 150 kg urea, 200 kg SP-36, 100 kg KCL.

Irrigation : In dry season, the marginal or sandy soil has to be watered every 5-6 days, the soil with high until medium content of sand has to be watered every 7-10 days, but fertile soil can be watered every 10-12 days.


Pest Control : Control for Mites can be used California mixture. The ingredients are : 1 kg of wulphur, 2 kg of CaCo and 10 liters of water.

Harvest : Harvesting is done for yellow fruits. The potency of IP-2 production is 50% higher than IP-1. Breakeven point of IP-2 can be faster the IP-1 (the 2 the year) and the benefit will be obtained every year.

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