Technical Guidelines for the Control of caterpilars

Inovasi Teknologi Terpopuler

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION – The problem begins with the occurrence of outbreak of caterpillar populations in Probolinggo causing about 14,813 trees of 930,566 mango trees to wither. The problem becomes more serious when all of mango leaves were eaten, caterpillars migrate to residential areas, so that disrupt the lives of residents in surrounding areas.


Caterpillars dominates attacked the mango plants belong to Lymantriidae  family suspected namely Arctornis submarginata and Lymantria marginata. Of these two species, A. submarginata suspected to be species specific or unique Probolinggo because it has not been found in other areas.

Caterpillar attacks also occurred in various areas such as in Jakarta, Serang, Pati, Bali, and NTB, but widespread attacks was very low because only a few plants attacked. Community should not panic in response to this condition, but still continue to be vigilant so that the caterpillar control can be performed as early as possible before the population becomes increasingly high.

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