Perspektif ICECRD Vol. 8 No. 2, 2009

Artikel Kapas Artikel Tembakau Perspektif


  1. Entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana: Its potency and prospects for mites control; (Deciyanto, S. and I.G.A.A. Indrayani)
  2. Soil Characteristics which Induce Soil-Borne Pathogens of Tobacco; (Nurul Hidayah and djajadi)
  3. Prospect of Agave Development as A Source of Natural Fiber; (Budi Santoso)
  4. The  Use of  Transgenic Approach in  Developing Drought Tolerant Cotton Varieties; (Emy Sulistyowati)
  5. Neem  Seed  Extract  as  a  Botanicals  Pesticide: Potency, Problem, and Strategy for  Its Develop-ment; (Subiyakto)


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