Ministry of Agriculture Campaign Green Product Oil to Europe

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The Ministry of Agriculture conducted a green product campaign (eco-friendly products) of palm oil to Europe, in Spain and France to anticipate the negative issues about palm oil product-related to environmental problems.

Minister of Agriculture, Suswono, explain in a press conference in Jakarta on Saturday (30 / 4) as well as in socializing that mission “palm oil campaign” in order to inform the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to develop national oil palm industry which based on the principles of sustainability.


Campaign was conducted in the form of seminars and meetings with relevant officials in both countries to convey an objection of the government of Indonesia to negative views of NGOs on the development of palm oil that had a negative impact on exports activities of palm oil.

In a meeting with the Minister of Environment, Rural Development and Fisheries of Spain, the Minister of Agriculture, Suswono, explained that the Indonesian government commits in the implementation of Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil Systems and concerns to the environmental criteria stated in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) with potential as a Non-Tariff Barrier in the trade.

The same idea was conveyed during a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of France. On occasion, the French government understands the views of Indonesia and expects to obtain input from the results of research on palm oil, which can be used as an evaluation of policies related to the use of oil in the country.

In addition to Spain and France, the Indonesian Government will also conduct a similar campaign to the United States on May 23, 2011. On this occasion Minister of Agriculture will be told explicitly how the oil palms developed in Indonesia. “The plan, we will also offer an orangutan to the zoo in the U.S. to demonstrate the government’s attention to wildlife-related development of oil industry,” said Minister of Agriculture.

According to him negative campaign against palm oil of Indonesia by developed countries by raising the environmental issue is not reasonable. It is actually more based on the competition of trade not solely due to environmental problems. In fact, current use of land for oil palm development in Indonesia is only about six percent of the total forest area in the ground water that reaches 137 million hectares. He added that oil palm plantations contributed about 45-46% of carbon emission reductions.


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