Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 15 No. 1, 2009

Artikel Jambu Mete Artikel Kapas Jurnal


  1. Genetic variability, and correlation among quantitative characters of patchouli (Pogostemon sp.) derived from protoplast fussion {Budi Martono}
  2. Parasitoid moth (Lepidoptera: Epipyropides) on cashew planthopper at cashew plantation in Lombok {Bambang Supeno, Damayanti Buchori, Pudjianto, Utoo Kartosuwondo. and Christian Schulze}
  3. Kanesia 10 – Kanesia 13: Four new high yielding cotton at varieties {Emy Sulistyowati and Siwi Sumartini}
  4. Effect of type and dosage of organic fertilizer (fertilization) on production and quality of pruatjan {Muhamad Djazuli and Joko Pitono}
  5. In vitro shoot induction of Mistleteo fig (Ficus deltoidea JACK) in Murashige & Skoog (MS) media with addtion of BA and NAA {Natalini Nova Kristina}
  6. Correlation and path analysis of several iportant characters of Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium Trev.) germplasm collection in Gunung Putri Experimental Station {Edi Wardiana, Enny Randriani, and Nur Kholilatul Izzah}
  7. Physiological characteristics of Pleurotus spp.. {Achmad, Elis Nina Herliyana, Osica Asno Ferina Yurti, and Anang Pranoto hidayat}

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