Insecticidal Activity of Piper retrofractum Fruit Extract on Helopeltis antonii (Hemiptera; Miridae)

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Estate Crops News – Helopeltis antonii is cocoa, tea, and cashew nuts importatnt pest that causes damage by sucking plant sap from shoots and nuts. This study was conducted to test toxicity of Piper retrofractum fruit extract on adults, sublethal effect on the production nymphal progeny, and persistence againts mortality and oviposition of H. antonii.

This study was conducted at The Fisiology and Insect Toxicology Laboratory, Plant Protection Departement, Bogor Agricultural University and The PLant Protection Laboratory of Indonesian  Industrial and Beverage Crops Research Institute from May 2013 to April 2014.

More download full text : perkebunan_05.-Gusti-Indriati1.pdf

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