2 May 2019

(Bahasa) Infotek Perkebunan Vol. 10 No. 10, Oktober 2018

1 April 2019

Diversification of Tea Based Products in The Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Tea is a popular beverage in the world that have health benefits. Over the period 2006-2016 the...

29 March 2019

In Vitro Multiplication of Patchouli uses Alternative Primary Medium

ESTATE CROPS INFO –  The quality of seeds are very  important in patchoulli cultivation. Cutting multiplication seeds are usually easy in...

25 March 2019

Soil Tillage in Land Clearing for Rubber Plantation

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Rubber agribusiness is still reliable by many plantation companies in Indonesia. As a part of land preparation,...

18 March 2019

Prospect of Fertigation for Nutrient Management on Pepper Cultivation

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Pepper is classified as nutrient demanding crop. In the field cultivation practices, 20-50% of the total cost...

11 March 2019

Induced Mutation Using Colchicine and in Vitro Selection Using Polyethylene Glycol for Drought-Tolerant Sugarcane

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Creating of varieties can be done through mutation breeding at the cellular level, combined with in vitro...

11 March 2019

The Status of IRR Series Rubber Clones From Indonesia Breeding Activity and Its Adoption in Indonesia Rubber Plantation

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Rubber breeding activities in Indonesia have occurred for 4 generations and result in increasing plant productivity. IRR...

4 March 2019

Potential Sap and Coconut Sugar Production of Three Accession Dwarf Coconut

ESTATE CROPS INFO – The study was conducted to determine the potential of three Dwarf Coconut accessions in the production of sap...

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