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Kanal-Group – Puslitbang Perkebunan

Palmae - Coconut

25 May 2016

Processing and Development of Frying Oil from Fruit of Some Varieties of Dwarf Coconut

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Fruits of Dwarft coconut commonly are used as young tender (8 months of fruit) for fresh...

31 December 2015

The Usage of Plastic Film for Kopyor Coconut Packaging

Estate Crops News – Kopyor coconut contains important nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fatty acids. During storage kopyor...

8 June 2015

Phenotypic and Genotypic Variabilities among Kopyor Dwarf Coconut Varieties Originated from Pati Central Java

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Kopyor dwarf coconuts are mutants from Pati, Central Java having high economic values. However, morphological and...

20 May 2015

The Status of Coconut Plant Breeding to Support Providing of Superior Seed in Indonesia

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Coconut is an estate crop that give many advantages to human being and distributed in all...

3 September 2013

Salak Early Coconut Variety

SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – The Salak variety is an early coconut variety resulted from germ exploration in Pemantang...

20 August 2013

Mapanget Coconut Late Variety

SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – Mapanget coconut is a kind of coconut variety launched as national high yield coconut...

18 March 2013

Strategies and Implementation of Development of Future Coconut Products

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – In line with problems, alternative solutions, and issues on national coconut, as well as the determinants...

6 February 2012

Superior Variety Coconut Adonara

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION – Estate Crops Research and Development Centre, Ministry of Agriculture Research and Development Agency in 2011, off...

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