29 August 2018

Induction of Secondary Somatic Embryos of Arabica Coffee and Detection Somaclonal Variation using SSRs Marker

ESTATE CROPS INFO – The secondary somatic embryogenesis of coffee plant can be used to propagate superior varieties, plant resulted...

11 August 2016

Prospects of Agroforestry Development Based on Coffee in Indonesia

Estate Crops News – Limitations of agricultural land to encourage people/ farmers open up new land in forest areas, by...

22 April 2015

(Bahasa) Budidaya Tanaman Kopi untuk Adaptasi dan Mitigasi Perubahan Iklim

6 March 2014

Population Dynamic of Lice Green Scales and Aphids Population on Three Varieties of Arabica Coffee

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – One of the main constraints on the growth of coffee seedlings in the greenhouse is pests...