25 February 2019

Feed Potency and Strategy of Palm-Cow Integration System Development in East Kalimantan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – The productivity and utilization of feed from oil palm plantation in East Kalimantan is still not optimal....

25 September 2018

Effectiveness of Several Types of N Fertilizer on Palm Oil Nursery

ESTATE CROPS INFO -Slow release N fertilizer formula is needed to increase N efficiency. The purpose of this research is...

3 June 2016

(Bahasa) Ekstrak Galaktomanan pada Daging Buah Kelapa dan Ampasnya serta Manfaatnya untuk Pangan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Galactomannan is a polymer containing units mannopiranosa with βeta-(1-4) and unit galactopiranosa with bonding αlfa-(1-6). Galactomannan...

18 December 2013

Prospect of Peatland Utilization for Oil Palm Plantation in Indonesia

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Development of oil palm (Elaeis guenensis L.) plantations, has been proven to be able to increase...

30 April 2012

(Bahasa) Prosiding ENIP 2011

9 February 2012

Assembling of Palm Oil Flowering Genetic Systems

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION- Assembling of Palm Oil Flowering Genetic Systems is one of the technological innovations generated by Indonesian Center...

17 January 2012

Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 17 No. 4, 2011

11 May 2011

Prospective Red Palm Oil

JAKARTA, – More advanced palm oil research activities find new business prospects for the health sector from the production...

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