25 March 2019

Soil Tillage in Land Clearing for Rubber Plantation

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Rubber agribusiness is still reliable by many plantation companies in Indonesia. As a part of land preparation,...

11 March 2019

The Status of IRR Series Rubber Clones From Indonesia Breeding Activity and Its Adoption in Indonesia Rubber Plantation

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Rubber breeding activities in Indonesia have occurred for 4 generations and result in increasing plant productivity. IRR...

11 February 2019

The Adaptation Test Of Six Rubber Clones In Tidal Swamps

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Ideal land for growing rubber tree has increasingly limited. Hence farmers and companies were looking for alternative...

3 August 2016

In-Vivo Potency of Bacterial Cellulose As Nano-Filler Elastomer Thermoplastics Rubber (ETPS)

Estate Crops News – Microbial cellulose is one of the biopolymer in the form of nano-sized ribbons with a length...

5 June 2013

Perspektif ICECRD Vol. 11 No. 2, 2012

ICECRD OF PUBLICATION – Perspective Magazine Industrial Crops Research Review Volume 11, Number 2, December 2012 contains 5 articles scientific...

30 April 2012

(Bahasa) Prosiding ENIP 2011

6 March 2012

Construction of the garden collection of rubber clones in Pakuwon

BOGOR, ESTATE CROPS – Superior genotypes rubber assembly is highly dependent on the availability of germplasm. Garden collection of superior...

25 January 2012

Integrated Control of White Root Fungus Disease on Rubber

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION- White root fungus (WRF) disease caused by Rigidoporus microporus is an important disease of rubber causing death...